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Arctic Paper reached out to us, asking us to design their agenda for 2017. To visualize the ability to break through the surface and look beyond what you’re seeing, we collected singular lines from landscapes and various imagery, placing different lines on each page to not only enhance our concept, but also symbolize the differences within each day, week, month and/or year.

Published by:

Arctic Paper Scandinavia

Printed by:

07 Media –



Cover design by:

Siri Topp Løvlien

Illustrated and decorative font by:

Magnus Lunde Engen

Concept design by:
Kristina V. H. Henrichsen
Henriette Sakrisvold
Eivind Madsen Pham
Kristine Aurora Helseth Strømme

Anja Oppen

Kristiania University College’s Graphic Design graduating class of 2017

Photographed by: