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People today will use their mobile phone, rather than reading a book. Research shows that Norwegians spend 4,7 hours per day on their phones. Considering that the common person is awake for about 15 hours a day, this means that we use a third of our time on the phone.

Our minds where set on creating a fun and “young” concept. So what if we look at historical events that is not of any great importance? That not all great leaders has died an honourable and brave death in war, but that some have actually died from falling on top of their tea cup.

This type of humor is what we at times call “dark humor” and are often characterized by irony, which appeals to a young audience.

We have called the app “Shit Happens”. This name is picked up from the saying shit happens, and are often used when something happens that is out of one’s control and usually results in a negative situations. This describes all of our stories.